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introducing by Yves Béhar

Good news, bubble fans. No more juggling bottles or struggling for storage space in the kitchen pantry. Now you can turn water into sparkling water in seconds. SodaStream is the new way to enjoy delicious bubbles without the bottles.

Introducing SOURCE by Yves B?har

SodaStream Source saves the average home 2,000 bottles and cans a year. Every time you make a delicious bubbly beverage at home with your own water, you are making an "active green" decision, helping to lower the manufacturing of disposable soda containers and reduce fuel costs for their transport.

Introducing SOURCE by Yves Béhar Intuitive LED Interface Innovative Flower Lock New Bottle Design Seamless Back Panel

Natural or clear, cola or energy, fruits, teas and mixers. Over 60 better-for-you flavors to enjoy none of which have any high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Just great tasting soda made fresh by you.

It's a big world with lots of individual tastes. And when it comes to making freshly-made sparkling beverages that bubble with flavor, more individuals choose SodaStream than any other home-made soda brand. It's the bubble lover's brand of choice.

Introducing SOURCE by Yves B?har

Your passion for soda is not about to fizzle out. So get smarter about it. Ban the bottle. Cancel the can. Make it your way. Unleash your inner bubble.


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    Ny, snygg och nyttig. IngVen skrattar l?ngre ?t l?skmaskinen.


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    A new model from SodaStream – Introducing a new stream to the world of carbonated beverages...


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    CNBC Business | 6.12

    Yves B?har prolific industrial design studio fuseproject has dropped its latest sparkler: a new soda maker from the Israeli home-carbonation company SodaStream called Source.


  • Buller Pour de Bon

    Le Vif Weekend, Belgium | 5.25.12

    Le concept ne date pas d’hier mais c’est une pointure du design qui vient de le revisiter. Présentée lors du dernier Salon du meuble de Milan, la machine à sodas Source de SodaStream est signée Yves B?har.


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    Some guilty pleasures in life can be pretty hard to justify. Sparkling water, for instance.


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    fastcompany | 4.16.12

    Yves B?har prolific industrial design studio fuseproject has dropped its latest sparkler: a new soda maker from the Israeli home-carbonation company SodaStream called Source.


  • SodaStream serves up bubbles and chic

    Financial Times | 4.15.12

    After turning a strong year financially in 2011, SodaStream has teamed up with designer Yves B?har to launch a new product line, SodaStream Source, that will be on show from April 17 at Milan’s Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia during international design week.


  • Design Studio: Thursday at Most

    Dezeen | 4.19.12

    In the fourth episode of our daily TV show from Dezeen Studio in Milan…Yves B?har demonstrates his redesigned SodaStream system for making dizzy drinks at home.


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    Surface Magazine | 5.1.12

    Yves B?har plans to upend the soft-drink market one homemade carbonated beverage at a time.


  • Bright New Things

    The Observer Magazine UK | 6.5.12

    San Francisco-based Swiss Industrial Designer Yves B?har has reworked the classic machine (remember “Get busy with the fizzy” anyone), creating a great-looking product you’d actually want on your kitchen counter.




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Rebel in style

Being earth-friendly never looked this good - or tasted so right.Introducing SodaStream Source by Yves Béhar: A gorgeously designed device that will grace your kitchen countertop with elegance and refinement. An intuitive one-touch beverage maker that adds a sparkle of creativity to your craving. A whole new way to satisfy your ever-bubbling enthusiasm for soda.

SodaStream Source Features:

  • Snap-lock bottle mechanism
  • Reusable carbonator
  • 3 Level LED indicator

A better fizzique

SodaStream sodamix is lighter on the sugar and contain no high-fructose corn syrup. None of our diets usa aspartame. SodaStream offers a better-for-you alternative to your off-the-shelf soda drinking habits. Choose from a wide variety of natural concentrates and all-natural flavor essences. Create perfect tasting beverages that suit your palate and your healthier lifestyle.

Everything you need to bubble up your day

The Source Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Source home soda maker
  • 1 reusable carbonator* to fizz up to 60 liters **
  • 1 BPA-Free reusable metal accented carbonating bottle
  • Flavor samples to make great-tasting soda

*  provided under license. Not for sale.

** Depending on level of carbonation selected

Once upon a time,
bubbles were fun.

You went out to the corner soda fountain or diner and were served a glass of refreshing sparkling soda, accented with the flavor of your choice. It was made-to-order, just for you, fresh-on-demand before your eyes. It was experimental, imaginative, social and all about individual taste.

SodaStream lets you enjoy the wonders of personalized soda within the comfort of your own kitchen. We're setting the bubbles free and bringing individual flavor back to the fizz. With millions of our easy-to-use carbonation systems sitting atop kitchen counters all over the world, we're proud to be bringing the sparkle back to soda.

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